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MAPS® protects your brand and your business.

MAPS® was established in 2011 as a risk management company to protect our clients’ brands and businesses. MAPS® advises clients on how to keep their assets safe, which includes people, data, physical assets and business brand and reputation. MAPS® works with clients in the financial, corporate and legal world, providing a wide range of specialised services, using former special forces, intelligence professionals and specialist trained police officers. This, combined with MAPS® cyber and data expertise, offers our clients a full security solution worldwide.

The ISO 27001 standard – information security management system

MAPS® is UKAS accredited with the internationally recognised ISO 27001 standard, which is an Information Security Management System specification that helps global businesses and organisations develop policies and procedures to ensure information security.

As an ISO 27001 UKAS accredited business, MAPS® have devised and implemented an effective information security management system which is aligned and regularly audited to ISO 27001.  This gives our customers absolute confidence that we have policies, procedures and systems in place to safeguard their information.

UKAS is the UK’s national accreditation body and is internationally recognised by the tick and crown logo. By becoming UKAS certified to the ISO 27001 standard, a business gains a level of international recognition for meeting information security standards that are important to our industry.

ISO 27001 covers people, processes and IT systems and recognises that information security is not just about fighting cyber hackers, putting up simple firewalls or locking down web servers. It encompasses strategic and operational methods involving different security initiatives to ensure comprehensive effectiveness. With such credentials underpinning the MAPS® portfolio, you can get on with running your day-to-day business while we solve your immediate and long-term security and IT data management problems. At MAPS® we will soon be able to supply GDPR practitioners to assist our UK and international clients to ensure they comply with the new European data regulations.

Certificate number 11515

ISO 27001